Banking Hardware

Our lasting quest to deliver revolutionary value creating – solutions is augmented by solid a partnerships with leading providers of currency recognition and cash processing technology manufacturers around the world. As Sales, Distribution & Support agents of these OEMs, we offer our customers end – to – end support, ensuring they derive maximum longevity and value from their investments.

Cash Dispensing Machines

• High capacity and reliable performance, up to 14,000 notes capacity
•Flexible and scalable features; optional contactless card reading, bill payment, and biometrics
• Premier Security; built – in anti-skimming and anti-cash-trapping solutions, customer awareness mirrors, biometric authentication and high resolution security cameras
• Optimized design, ergonomic fascia, compact structure and intuitive dispensing features
 technology, long operational life
Cash Dispensing Machines

Bulk Cash Deposit Solutions

•Designed to ease bulk cash banking, minimize onsite cash security, optimize cash cycle, and improve staff efficiency through automation.
•Revolutionary new generation high capacity (10,000 to 30,00 notes), compact intelligent cash deposit machines.
• Secure CEN or UL certified safes, combination locks, and inbuilt security features
• Customizable to user requirements: single or multiple customers use; multipurpose financial transactions including bill payments, mobile money float purchase and cash deposits
Bulk Cash Deposit Solutions

Cash Recycling & Full – Function Automated Teller Machines

• Advanced recycling functions for cash deposit and cash withdrawal
• High capacity banknote dispensing; intelligent cash, check and envelope deposit
• Barcode scanning, statement printing, bill payment, funds transfer and other value added functionalities
• Assisted Self – service Video, large high definition interactive screens 
Cash Recycling & Full – Function Automated Teller Machines

Cheque Deposit Solutions

• Bulk deposit of cheques (up to 35 in one feed) in a simple secure and quick way
• High processing speeds; real time transmission of images to bank core. customer receipts printed with deposited cheque images.
• Inbuilt capacity to stamp and endorse front and rear of cheques
• Validates, scans and stores all cheque MICR code line
• Available both as customer facing/self-service models and for back office bank branch deployment
Cheque Deposit Solutions

Cheque Printing & Personalization Solutions

• Cheque printers that deliver fully customizable cheques both as single sheet and as assembled in booklets of up to 50 cheques
• High processing speeds; cheque booklets of 20 cheques printed in one minute
• Powerful graphic printing capability of embedded high resolution monochrome inkjet printing engine built on HP technology
• Available both as customer facing/self-service models and for
back office bank branch deployment
Cheque Printing & Personalization Solutions

Self Service Banking Terminals

• Self service kiosks for online banking and document processing
• Embedded A4 duplex scanner and laser printer for depositing and printing banking documents
• Ideal for assisted banking (VTM), bill payments, bank account opening, certified bank statement printing
• Feature EMV card readers, Encrypted keypad with XFS and PCI compliance, on screen virtual keyboard and large screen displays
Self Service Banking Terminals

Coin & Banknotes Recognition, Counting & Sorting Solutions

• Reliable, versatile and use – friendly devices utilizing most trusted methods of counterfeit detection
• Counterfeit detection using Dual CIS, UV, Full line MG, IRT, IRR (Front and Rear), and TDS
• Coin recognition by alloy sensor technology for coin counters and sorters
• Ultra – visible displays, quiet and non –disruptive operations
Coin & Banknotes Recognition, Counting & Sorting Solutions